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EFFEKTIV is an international brand, the manufacturer of household appliances and professional equipment based in Dublin (Ireland). Its history began back in 2012.

So far we have been proud of developing and manufacturing truly efficient equipment of unprecedented high quality at really affordable prices.
Due to different tendencies of reducing the production costs followed by a subsequent reduction in the cost of production, cost-effective household and professional appliances are strictly and justly associated with reduced quality and comfort of use in the modern world.

The initial goal and mission of our team were to turn this concept upside-down, providing the buyer with exceptional quality with unprecedented professional-level operating efficiency at a comfortable and affordable price. We still maintain our position.

The branch offices are located in Western Europe (Spain, Ireland), Eastern Europe (Hungary, Moscow), and Southeast Asia (Hong Kong).

The product categories that we manufacture are represented by useful household appliances such as ironing, sewing, and cleaning. These are steamers, ironing steam generators, steam cleaners, robotic vacuum cleaners, cyclonic vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners, sewing and embroidery machines, overlocks, and related accessories and consumables.

Why choose us?

We can make your daily life easier, better, and more enjoyable with powerful and effective solutions.

We are driven by a philosophy of innovation because innovation is the path to a better future. We strive for perfectionism at every stage: from bright ideas to edgy implementation. Unique innovations and design findings allow us to be one step ahead of the market. This is what we work on every single day.

The headquarters office and development center with the location in Dublin allows us to leverage the full potential of Ireland as a hub for European Union technological innovation. By doing this, we provide access to the world’s best developers, engineers, and designers.

Our mission

To provide you with effective and high-quality tools for everyday household and professional tasks. Save your budget as much as possible, making these tools really affordable.


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