Liability notice for copyright infringement

Composite copyrighted internet site located on the domain name, including all subdomains of (hereinafter referred to as the Site), includes copyright for all objects posted on the Site, including site design elements, logo, photographs, texts of articles, text descriptions, audio, video, which are subject to intellectual property, belong to “Effektiv App. Ltd” (hereinafter referred to as the Author).

Third parties have the right to use the results of intellectual activity posted on the Site only with the permission of the Author of “Effektiv App. Ltd” with an indication of the Author and with an active link to the source.
Using the results of intellectual activity or means of individualisation, carried out without the consent of the author, is considered illegal and entails the responsibility established by the current legislation.

The site is recognised as a composite work, that is, a work that by selection or arrangement of materials, is the result of creative work. Composite works are subject to copyright and are subject to legal protection as a result of intellectual activity.

Legal protection applies both to the entire Site as a whole and to its elements recognised as independent objects of copyright.

In the event of unlawful use of the Site and/or its elements (logo, text descriptions of services, texts of articles, photographs, audio and video materials), the Author has the right to demand, at his choice, from the violator the reimbursement of losses and compensation by applicable law.

The violator of copyright and/or related rights can also be subjected to administrative or criminal liability.
Illegal use of copyright objects committed on a large scale is punishable by a fine.

Copyright infringement can also be made a criminal offense.
The terms of use of copyright objects posted on the Site are negotiated individually.

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