The unchanged and lifetime rule of the EFFEKTIV team is a particularly strict multi-stage quality control at all stages of production, ensuring product compliance with the most modern international standards.

We are certain about the quality of our equipment and provide a 24-month warranty*! Each product unit passes the operation and completeness tests.


Key components for our products are manufactured in the best factories in Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary.

The thorough selection of our technology experts guarantees high component stability and attests to the high quality of each and every part.

We use top-end steel grades such as 718HH, H13 ESR, NAK 80 to manufacture molds, which can serve up to 1 million clampings without losing the product quality. The so-called surgical steel is also used in the production of components, which is distinguished by high anti-corrosion properties and hardness. Surgical steel grades are resistant to water, do not oxidize, do not get rusted when interacting with atmospheric gases, non-reactive towards living tissue, do not react with most types of organic and inorganic acids, and are non-toxic.

The bioplastic used in the production of EFFEKTIV equipment is biodegradable; that means, it can decompose much faster than usual, which can be one of the solutions to many environmental problems. We use exclusively hypoallergenic materials (like for test dummies).

High-quality components are produced using unique technology during the manufacture of engines in Japanese factories.
For the production of ironing equipment, only copper heating elements are used. This ensures maximum efficiency thanks to high thermal conductivity, making the service life of all components much longer.

All our products can be disposed of in dedicated places, or recycled for further use.

Assembling lines

All components are shipped to our final assembly and testing facilities located in PRC, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This allows us to use cost-effective assembling lines, which are one of the latest innovations for industrial automation.

Assembling lines have automatic quality control of manufactured products. Each assembly stage is monitored using a special device, which eliminates the risk of producing faulty products.


We only use non-toxic plastics, metals, and other raw materials in the production of EFFEKTIV equipment. All our products are certified in accordance with the stringent requirements of the European Union and the EAC customs union:

CE is a document that proves the conformity of products to the requirements of the European Union.

RoHS is a document confirming the restrictions of the use of substances hazardous to human life and health.

EAC is a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union).

ErP Directive 2009/125/EC is an EU directive for energy products that consume energy throughout their life cycle. This directive confirms the energy efficiency of the product (i.e. consumes less energy).

We also run our own center for the development of goods for small and medium-sized businesses (Effektiv PRO).